Top Benefits of Basic Food Hygiene Trainings and Food Safety Consultants in Dubaithat you Need to Know.

Fig. 1: Top Benefits of Basic Food Hygiene Trainings and Food Safety Consultants in Dubai that you Need to Know Blog

Food is one of the most basic needs that we as humans require, and it must be handled with care, as any Integrated Food Safety Consultant in Dubai will tell you. During our many years of evolution, we have learned over time, what to do and what not to do, with regards to the food we eat and how we take care of it.

With rising numbers in the world population and modernization, the food industry has seen exponential growth, especially in Dubai. The city deals with huge amounts of food, whether it is at the ports or the numerous establishments that handle food, this poses a massive challenge for authorities, such as the Dubai Food Safety Department. All such food-related services are required to follow the food safety regulations that have been put in place.

In some cases, businesses may still look at the topic of food safety as something that is common sense and does not require real training or regular checking. This of course is the wrong approach to food safety, as it often leads to harmful situations on the customers’ end. Food production must be handled with care and precaution, to ensure that the food produced is of high quality and good for consumption.

When a business is providing food for the public, it is important to note that there are a specific set of rules to follow, ones that are vastly different from the rules people may follow in their own homes. Ensuring that the entire procedure of food production is up to the mark is the responsibility of the business that produces it.

Following the established procedures entails sticking to the standards set by the presiding  health authorities and compliance with the laws put in place. Doing otherwise will most probably lead to legal and consequences if you fail to meet the stipulated standard. While the food business is rife with safety hazards, it is important to continuously provide basic food hygiene (BFH) trainings in Dubai or the city where your business is based.

Integrated food safety consultants in Dubai can help your business with the entire procedure. They are equipped with the knowledge and know-how on what your business needs to do, in order to keep up with the local food safety standards. Integrated food safety consultants generally offer assistance with the basic standards on what is acceptable, relating to food safety and how the business can implement this established system. They will inform you on how to go about finding your staff reliable basic food hygiene (BFH) trainings in Dubai.

The food business is full of potential dangers, however, the only way to prevent them, while protecting your customers and your business, is to provide your workers with quality food safety trainings. Food safety trainings help prevent putting your customers at risk of damage to their health. Making sure that all those who handle food are provided with food safety training is essential to avoiding food poisoning, allergic reactions and other problems that can occur due to badly prepared food.

Firstly, what is basic food hygiene (BFH) trainings and what is involved?

Fig. 2:What is basic food hygiene (BFH) training?Top Benefits of Basic Food Hygiene Trainings and Food Safety Consultants in Dubai that you Need to Know Blog 

Whether it is restaurants or food processing plants, both the food service and food processing industry must be provided with food safety training, in order to handle food in the most risk-free way possible. Offering food safety training for your employees regularly also has the added benefit of giving your business a good image in front of the public and the authorities.

Providing basic food safety training for workers in food businesses, builds their understanding and knowledge of safely handling food hereby, considerably reducing the risks of running into problems. These trainings teach them effective ways of performing tasks such as storage, cleaning techniques and carrying out other hygienic practices.

The food safety training programs focus on maintaining food safety standards, risks and hazards that are involved in the food production process. Workers need to know the various diseases that can be caused by unhygienically prepared and processed foods.

Apart from being informed on the risks and hazards associated with food production, they may also take a look at the recent developments in food technology. Other topics that should be covered are how to maintain quality food substances during the food-making process. Workers are taught the causes and ways to avoid making food mismanagement mistakes.

Why should you provide basic food hygiene (BFH) trainings at your business?


Fig. 3:Why basic food hygiene (BFH) training?Top Benefits of Basic Food Hygiene Trainings and Food Safety Consultants in Dubai that you Need to Know Blog

It is an important legal requirement

Offering basic food safety training is legally required for all businesses dealing with food production and distribution. No matter what kind of business or how small it is, following the food safety measures provided in training is necessary and enforced by law. As long as you serve food to the general public, you need to comply with the food safety regulations in your particular region.

Due to a probable variation in regulations, you are required to find out the necessary procedures that are to be followed in the specific area,in which your business is conducting operations. A good way to guarantee that you are complying with established rules of the land is to find integrated food safety consultants in Dubai if you are based in the UAE.

It will prove beneficial for your business

Maintaining proper hygiene is something that is looked forward to, by not only the health inspectors but also your customers. When customers and workers alike complain about the health standards negatively, it can do awful damage to your business’ reputation. This can lead to losing essential business partners and valuable customers, which can be hard to recover from. A customer that has had a particularly bad experience, may even wish to pursue legal action against your business.

If a customer returns food that is not fit for consumption, it will affect the business’ profits. Sometimes there may be complaints of food contamination, which is dangerous and if your business does not follow the safety procedures, you will be at risk of receiving punishment and fines.

Not complying with procedures will ultimately land your business in unwanted trouble and loss. Customers could give your business bad reviews online, which will affect crowd fall and cause monetary losses. If a health inspection does not go well, you will be expected to pay fines.

Thus one can see that acquiring Basic Food Hygiene (BFH) Trainings in Dubai may be considered as an investment of sorts, which will ensure that your customers and the business are safe.

What do food safety consultants do?

Fig. 4:What do Food Safety Consultants do?Top Benefits of Basic Food Hygiene Trainings and Food Safety Consultants in Dubai that you Need to Know Blog

The main function of food safety consultants is to conduct quality checks on practices and make assessments, based on conditions found during these checks. Food Safety Consultants know the best practices for handling food, as well as hazards or risks to be avoided. They are skilled in maintaining high standards for food safety and practices.

Food Safety Consultants also take a look at factors such as food suppliers, delivery, storage, preparation, services, maintenance and more, while keeping in mind hygiene practices. All these processes are assessed to ensure that mistakes do not take place during the final audit procedure.

It is important to understand the role of food safety management in today’s modern world. As the global population rises each year, one can not ignore the urgent need for assessments of quality. Dubai is the main gateway for the UAE, in terms of food export and import, therefore it is important to keep a check on the quality of food being produced in the country here, no matter where it goes.

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